Zac Love - Lend Me An Ear

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We finally cozy up with familiar label artist Zac Love for a much deserved album release. Lend Me An Ear marks his first full outing on the label, having previously contributed to multiple various artists compilations. There's obvious 'Love' in Zac's name, and the love in his sound is equally so … it comes from lush strings and atmospheric touches laced with drum break beatdowns. He grew up in New Jersey and is heavily influenced by the Golden Era boom bap sounds of the East Coast. Also a member of the Belmar Sol trio and record label, Zac is not afraid of spreading his musical ideas across straight-up instrumental hip-hop, chill downtempo tracks, and uptempo funk jams. Lend Me An Ear follows suit featuring the snappy drums and chopped up bright melodic content of "Choppy Waters Ahead", the vibe-laden and soul-drenched downtempo of the title track, the slightly more jazzy swing of the funk filled "Crazy Meters", and plenty of other highlights for those in search of feel good beats with plenty of traction.