Please read the following:

We are now accepting singles for a new series. This is a new digital series and at some point will be released as a vinyl compilation. We are looking for Instrumental Hip Hop & Beats. Also down for Trip Hop, but are open to anything that fits the sound of Cold Busted. 

To be considered for a full Long Player (LP) release, All demos combined must have a minimum of 35 minutes running time.
35-50 minutes is preferred. Short tracks (2:00 - 3:30) are also preferred. No tracks over 6 minutes.

We are always looking for Instrumental Hip Hop & Beats. Also down for Trip Hop, but are open to anything that fits the sound of Cold Busted. Forward thinking, not the same old thing please. In other words, do not send songs we would have released 10 years ago.

Please note a social media presence is important and is actually required by many online stores for playlist features. Be sure to include your Instagram username.

No 4/4 (4 on the floor beats – house, techno) no matter how slow the bpm. No house tracks. No wobbly basslines on anything. No glitch. No chill out. No rap.

No SoundCloud. We do not use that application for anything. Emails with SoundCloud links are filtered, deleted, and never seen. Do not submit tracks that are already on SoundCloud, YouTube, WeTransfer, Dropbox, Bandcamp etc. We are not interested in tracks already online.

Do not spam us with demos sent to multiple labels.

No Hip Hop with lyrics.

No previews. Tracks must be completed.

Do not send wav files.

Do not send tunes where your artist name is shouted out.

Looking to get your album that is already released (SoundCloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, anywhere online, etc.) pressed on vinyl? We are not interested and do not sign these types of releases. Cold Busted MUST be the first and only label to release your songs.

File names must be formatted with artist & title info like this: 01_Artist_Track_Title.mp3.

Do not combine the tracks into 1 file. All tracks must be separated.

We only accept high quality mp3 links (320 kbps) of the entire tracks unmixed (don't mix your tracks together like a DJ mix).

Sound strange? It's all happened multiple times in the past.

Use for all submissions: Cold Busted Demos

Please do not contact us on Social Media about your demos