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Yes, we offer promos. Email your request listing any relevant information (Radio Shows etc). You may also get our promos through 8DPromo.

Physical Distribution.

Our entire vinyl, compact disc, and cassette tape catalog is distributed (non-exclusive) by Fat Beats.  We also deal direct with stores and offer our catalog at wholesale. Interested? Send us an email. Sorry, no consignment.

Overseas? Guess what? We carry stock at our fulfillment center in London, UK. That should save you $€£¥ on shipping.

Digital Distribution.

Direct deals with stores worldwide are managed through FUGA. Our digital catalog is currently available on the following platforms: 24-7 Entertainment, 7Digital, Audible Magic, Amazon, Anghami, Apple Music, AWA, Beatport, Bugs, Deezer, Dubset Media, Facebook, Google Play, Gracenote, iTunes, iMusica, JOOX, Juno, KKBox, Pandora, Rhapsody, Sirius XM, Slacker, Spotify, Shazam, Tencent, TDC Play Musik, Tidal, TouchTunes, Traxsource, Ultimate China, United Media Agency, YouTube. Updated - 2019.04.11

Phonograph Records, Compact Discs & Cassette Tapes.

Vinyl is Pressed At Takt Direct in Poland Via Packaged Sounds in the European Union. All Compact Discs and Cassette Tapes are manufactured through Mobineko in Taiwan. 


Lacquers cut and releases are Mastered by Misjah at 24Mastering.

Background Music.

We supply the majority of our catalog to 3rd parties worldwide that use Cold Busted as background music for their clients. Contact us directly for more information.

YouTube & General Usage Of Our Catalog.

Any videos found using Cold Busted content will be monetized and claimed by Audiam. You can either remove the audio from your video or allow an ad to be placed. We do not ‘whitelist’ any channels and all users have the same conditions.

YouTube Monetization.

If you have special circumstances just ask us via email and email ONLY. We are not interested in any of our tracks with added lyrics. If you post these types of remixes/re-edits/re-works/mash ups they will be removed. 

Our Beats Are Not For Sale.

Don’t use our beats and place your vocals over them. We don’t like it and will have them removed if found. Don’t even think about listing Cold Busted (or the original artist) as producer or ‘Produced By’. You must have the copyright holder’s permission (Cold Busted Record Company, Inc) to legally use any of our content.