Vitamin D - Hard Times

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The ‘Hard Times’ LP from Cold Busted label owner Vitamin D is a Trip Hop soulful 20 track experience with original yet vintage sounds and techniques accentuated by the excellent analog Mastering. Done by Mark Dann from NYC, analog gear as well as ½” inch 30 ips analog tape were used in the process, bringing out the warm and overall feel of this LP. Fresh Hip Hop beats and a cunning bass kick off the first track ‘No Love for Hard Times’ with powerful samples and builds. Displaying a keen dexterity of styles throughout the album, Vitamin D hits us with songs like ‘The Drop By’ with suave chilled beats, and an infectious gangster melody. ‘Rumble In the Park’ picks up the tempo with soulful hard breaks, exciting and expressive this is one for the break dancers; as is the following track ‘Something Smells Funky’ with a get down and boogie bass, organ keys and active beats. Enticing and slower songs like ‘Fire Island In Dub’ and ‘Chilling In The Land Of Make Believe’ showcase relaxing rhythms, drums and reggae organic sounds complete with warm analog crackles. ‘That’s One Sly Fox’ showcases energetic, frisky beats and amazing drum work. ‘Rotating the Hips’ has a jazzy bass and subtle beat repeats, filtering and a steel guitar sample making for a relaxing sunny track. Finally, ‘Theme from 1971’ with it’s progressive, soulful feel of clever arrangements ends this vivid, idiosyncratic Trip Hop album. ‘Hard Times’ from Vitamin D is cinematic, well executed, and diverse, encourages and oozes expression all with those much appreciated warm subtle sounds and pops. 

1. Vitamin D - No Love For Hard Times (3:36)
2. Vitamin D - 9000 Look-A-Likes (4:31)
3. Vitamin D - The Drop By (3:21)
4. Vitamin D - Curse Of The Black Panther (4:08)
5. Vitamin D - Use Your Head (2:50)
6. Vitamin D - Messing Around (1:06)
7. Vitamin D - Rumble In The Park (3:22)
8. Vitamin D - Something Smells Funky (2:55)
9. Vitamin D - The Whole Wide World (2:05)
10. Vitamin D - Fire Island In Dub (1:35)
11. Vitamin D - Hold The Phone For 2 Minutes (1:59)
12. Vitamin D - Chilling In The Land Of Make Believe (4:25)
13. Vitamin D - That's One Sly Fox (2:48)
14. Vitamin D - Eminent Force (3:40)
15. Vitamin D - Rotating The Hips (2:20)
16. Vitamin D - Time Out (1:29)
17. Vitamin D - Way Down Low (5:02)
18. Vitamin D - Illegal Cavity Search (3:58)
19. Vitamin D - Walking Through The Streets (3:48)
20. Vitamin D - Theme From 1971 (10:04)

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