Various Artists - Bust Free 21

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Ten years ago, Cold Busted launched a compilation series that’s become a trademark for the label. Bust Free spotlighted Cold Busted’s staple artists alongside new names, and, as a free download, was a gift to the label’s fans. Over seven years Bust Free produced an impressive 20 installments, charting the course for Cold Busted’s distinctive brand of laid back instrumental hip hop.

Now, after a three-and-a-half-year break, Bust Free is back. Bust Free 21 has the widest scope yet, with producers from nine countries representing Cold Busted’s growing international influence. Among the 16 artists on the comp are label favorites like Emapea, The Deli, Es-K, Mister T., and saib. And over the 15 tracks, they’re rubbing shoulders with newer names such as Mr. Goldenfold, West MAAD, Sebastian Fraye, and B0nds. The selection is diverse and strong, coming together in a sonic ride that will equally please DJs, beat-heads, and the ‘music for studying’ crowd. These vibes are exceptional, top to bottom.

Like others in the series, Bust Free 21 is available as a free Bandcamp download. This installment of Bust Free is also issued on cassette and vinyl, each format limited to 100 copies.

Tracklisting was put together by Key. Side A was A to G. Side B was F to A. It's flows nicely.

1. The Deli - Space Chase (1:59)
2. DRWN. - Downtown (2:49)
3. Emapea - Just Pitching (3:26)
4. The Expert - Take It Easy (2:21)
5. trog'low - DTES (3:30)
6. Mr. Goldenfold - Brass Function (3:16)
7. Sebastian Fraye - Fate (2:22)
8. Eagle - Liquid Fingers (3:44)
9. B0nds - Basic Needs (2:03)
10. Yellowjacket - Cosmos Road (3:14)
11. Es-K & Max Bronstein - The Medicine Moves Me (3:03)
12. Mononome - How Can I Smile (3:46)
13. Mister T. - Raw Freedom (4:29)
14. saib. - Blue and Green (2:56)
15. Wezt MAAD - Paper Planes (2:05)

Recorded in 9 Countries
Mastered & Lacquers Cut by Misjah@24Mastering
Metal Processing at RTI
Manufactured by Mobineko
Design by Vitamin D
Executive Producer, Derrick Daisey
All Works Registered with Some Cutz Up (ASCAP)

12" Black Vinyl (140g)
Full Color Labels
Polyethylene Inner Sleeve
12" 3mm Spine Gloss Lamination Sleeves
Serial Number Foil Stamping
Sealed in a Polywrap (Permanent/Tamper Proof) Sleeve
100 Copies

Premium Ferric Tape
Solid White Shell
2-Panel J-Card - Printed Full Color Both Sides
Full Colour Off set Printed Cassette Labels - Gloss
Clear Norelco Cases
100 Copies

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