The Deli - Vibes 3 (Remastered)

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Vibes 3, the crucial 2016 album from Austin hip hop beatrepreneur The Deli , gained massive attention upon its release — and it continues to grow in appreciation from worldwide hip hop heads. The album’s centerpiece, the delightfully breezy “Flowers,” has racked up 26 million Spotify plays on its own, with the full album cracking an astonishing 37 million and The Deli himself gaining 1.7 million monthly listeners. In The Deli’s case, this success in the digital realm only whets an appetite for the physical. Now Cold Busted is remastering and repressing the out-of-print Vibes 3 LP on vinyl. And it’s purple vinyl to boot. The album’s 18 cuts serve up proper old school vibes, dropping beats that’ll make one reminisce while also anticipating the new. In addition to “Flowers,” the album contains other worthy contenders like the smooth “Luv Shxt,” which grooves with gentle jazz guitar and a lonely horn under a snappy beat; “Rain” and its simple introspection; the lovely lazy ride of “4Tina;” and album opener “1B4W” which sets things properly on the smoky late-night-lounging tip. More than just Vibes 3 — this one’s got vibes for days.

1. The Deli - 1B4W (Remastered) (0:49)
2. The Deli - Luv Shxt (Remastered) (3:37)
3. The Deli - sidra (Remastered) (3:25)
4. The Deli - Cherries (Remastered) (2:18)
5. The Deli - 4Tina (Remastered) (1:39)
6. The Deli - Poppa (Remastered) (1:24)
7. The Deli - Bxtch (Remastered) (2:52)
8. The Deli - 1993 (Remastered) (2:25)
9. The Deli - Rain (Remastered) (1:01)
10. The Deli - Bossa (Remastered) (1:57)
11. The Deli - Fall Breeze (Remastered) (1:49)
12. The Deli - Float (Remastered) (1:29)
13. The Deli - Golden (Remastered) (2:39)
14. The Deli - Flowers (Remastered) (3:07)
15. The Deli - Lighthouses (Remastered) (2:26)
16. The Deli - The Rhyme (Remastered) (3:12)
17. The Deli - Triste3 (Remastered) (2:22)
18. The Deli - Briefing (Remastered) (2:54)

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