1. Singularis - Evening Hours - Compact Disc - Cold Busted
  2. Singularis - Evening Hours - Compact Disc - Cold Busted
  3. Singularis - Evening Hours - Compact Disc - Cold Busted
  4. Singularis - Evening Hours - Compact Disc - Cold Busted
  5. Singularis - Evening Hours - Compact Disc - Cold Busted

Singularis - Evening Hours

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At a ripe age of 16 years old, Netherlands-based producer Singularis has created a breathtaking collage of music called Evening Hours. A charming and mesmerizing album. Evening Hours is a twelve track collection of instrumental hip hop, trip hop, and lounge cuts recorded by the beat-making wunderkind. Animated with rhythm, invigorating drum patterns, languid instrumentals, and intoxicating atmospheres, Evening Hours is a fascinating album suitable for the lounge, the home, and the ’phones. Highlights include “4 Momz” with its hypnotic melody, laid back 87 BPM beats, smooth synth lines, and round, subtle sub bass. “Take Me Inside” is an album favorite with sweet flanging synths, a juicy bass line, crisp clapping snares, apt beat repeats … satisfactory and majestic sounds all the way. “Stronger” features groovy upright bass notes, an infectious xylophone melody, and filtered effects, making for a solid gorgeous piece. “Tonight” adds a bit of funk to the equation with a popping bass guitar, 80’s style funk synths, and a rhythmic clav motif completing the track’s feel good party vibe. “Tell Me Why” is another creative concoction as a snippet of a stellar male vocal croons over steady beats and relaxing piano. “Wandering” completes our sampler with compelling bright synths, a bumping low end, and a cool, appealing sway. Sit back and get lost in Evening Hours, the promising debut from Singularis who is certain to become a mainstay of the future downtempo scene.

1. Singularis - 4 Momz (5:01)
2. Singularis - So and So (3:54)
3. Singularis - Strollin' Around (2:38)
4. Singularis - Take Me Inside (3:37)
5. Singularis - You're Always There (3:41)
6. Singularis - Stronger (4:12)
7. Singularis - Tonight (3:35)
8. Singularis - Midnight Groovin' (3:02)
9. Singularis - Tell Me Why (3:52)
10. Singularis - Wandering (4:02)
11. Singularis - Keep Moving (2:22)
12. Singularis - Breakfast In Bed (3:45)