Shinji - In Colour

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Australian rhythm-twister Shinji refers to his music as “eclectic hip hop instrumentals with no regard for genre or tempo” and promises that he’ll “flip even the most obscure samples into soulful beats.” This modus operandi is evident in his debut long-player for the Cold Busted label, In Colour. Twelve captivating beat constructions reveal the breadth of Shinji’s record collection and the absence of stylistic boundaries. This makes for an impeccably cool listen, working both for the beat-heads and in the headphones. 

Highlights include the chunky soul groover “For Some Reason,” the spacey Spanish-flavored guitars and percussion of “Pioneer,” “Menace” and its evocative electronic treatments and drum breaks, and the delicious ‘70s soundtrack funk of “Grand Mash.” There’s something juicy for any discerning listener within Shinji’s inventive sample concoctions. In Colour, loud and clear.  

1. Shinji - In Colour (2:10)
2. Shinji - For Some Reason (3:10)
3. Shinji - Be True (2:54)
4. Shinji - Pioneer (2:49)
5. Shinji - Mumble (2:38)
6. Shinji - Menance (4:18)
7. Shinji - Calls Over Yonder (1:45)
8. Shinji - Warp (2:18)
9. Shinji - Dogma (3:19)
10. Shinji - Second Wind (Extended) (4:27)
11. Shinji - Grand Mash (4:12)
12. Shinji - Sit Down Son (3:51)

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