Poldoore - Street Bangerz Volume 6: Playhouse (Remastered)

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Street Bangerz Volume 6: Playhouse comes from Belgium resident Poldoore, an instrumental immaculate album blending elements of Funk, Soul and Lounge. ‘Shrooms’ kicks things off with a feel good vibe and beats at about 96BPM, a smooth bumping sub bass line, funky horns, and soulful vocal samples, resonating and charming. ‘Banana Hammock’ is a unique tune with Reggae Dub influences; a crooning reggae singer sings sweetly over a velvety generous bassline and high staccato notes, and an easy going beat all bring appeal. ‘But I Do’ uses clever production, slight beat repeats with soulful organ, sincere vocals, weighty drum breaks and sweet electric guitar notes that move the listener. ‘Cali Sun’ is a song with bright tones, crescendo trumpets, steady drums, percussions and funky vocal snippets create an airy feeling of sunshine and vintage 70s influence. ‘Industry Of Love’ starts with alluring drums, a smooth snare and silky melody, an infectious rhythm with a sexy sax freely purring and adding flair. Ending the album is ‘Long Walk Home’ featuring Roselien beginning on a chill vibe with a fatty bassline and subtle percussions, the female vocalist singing earnestly, a fuzzy guitar soloing, the singer and strings seducing. Continuing the legacy of high quality street banging tunes, Poldoore creates an enticing warm atmosphere you won’t want to miss with Street Bangez Volume 6: Playhouse.

1. Poldoore - Shrooms (4:26)
2. Poldoore - Summer Sault (3:49)
3. Poldoore - Banana Hammock (3:23)
4. Poldoore - First Aid Kid (3:16)
5. Poldoore - Back To Back (3:29)
6. Poldoore - But I Do (4:00)
7. Poldoore - Pillars Of Creation (2:20)
8. Poldoore - Cali Sun (4:15)
9. Poldoore - Industry Of Love (4:10)
10. Poldoore - Future Funk (4:21)
11. Poldoore - All The Same (3:36)
12. Poldoore - Long Walk Home Feat. Roselien (4:10)
13. Poldoore - Give Em What They Want (4:51)

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