1. Poldoore - L.A.X - Compact Disc - Cold Busted
  2. Poldoore - L.A.X - Compact Disc - Cold Busted
  3. Poldoore - L.A.X - Compact Disc - Cold Busted
  4. Poldoore - L.A.X - Compact Disc - Cold Busted
  5. Poldoore - L.A.X - Compact Disc - Cold Busted

Poldoore - L.A.X

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Poldoore from Belgium releases a 5 track EP on Cold Busted titled ‘L.A.X’, a release that’s smooth sailing on Electronic Trip Hop oceans of undulating styles and fresh sounds. Opening up is ‘L.A.X’ a track utilizing clever production techniques emphasizing a funky bass and staccato style beats, notes and dope samples for a relaxing Hip Hop vibe. ‘Greenwood’ is a favorite, beginning with Reggae high piano notes with dubbed smooth bass lines dropping into beats at about 94BPM, record scratching samples, a stimulating snare, electronic wobbles and saturating rhythm. ‘Now and Then’ is a track with pleasing high synths to begin and keen drums and beats, soul riveting samples and ethereal poignant thoughtful melodies. ‘Gloomy’ is another favorite starting with lovely piano notes and smooth round bass notes chiming in simultaneously, a gentle apt snare for what progresses into an emotional and Latin dance tinged tune. Nicely rounded out with beautiful instruments, sharp production, affects and classy, creative songs that delve into Trip Hop, Instrumental Hip Hop and Dub the ‘L.A.X’ EP from Poldoore is striking.

1. Poldoore - L.A.X (2:36)
2. Poldoore - The Riddler (2:34)
3. Poldoore - Greenwood (4:12)
4. Poldoore - Now and Then (4:02)
5. Poldoore - Gloomy (3:57)