My Neighbour Is - Fish & Chips

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‘Fish & Chips’ from My Neighbour Is is a candid Funk album that exudes freshness, crafted with style and a love for the music making for a soulful and rhythmic experience. ‘Retarded’ kicks it off with a wicked rhythm, electric guitar, percussions and a piano cadence, and vocal snippets all invoking a joy and freedom. ‘Little Freak’ begins with hand drums into a smooth bass measure, crescendo horns, funky guitar and dope samples creating a luscious tune. ‘Latinos’ starts on soft horns, a sweet melody dropping into boss drums, powerful kicks and snares, vinyl cuts and scratches and organ keys accentuating. ‘Mr. Scream’ gives an early morning vibe, soft organ keys, tin percussions, steady drums, dreamy, intelligent, rhythmically enticing. ‘Blessing da Funk’ brings in some interesting samples, funky, hip-hop inspired words and mantras, vintage laced, rumbling upright bass, and affective guitar riffs. ‘Satana’ begins on a steady beat, into lovely strings sweetly purring, playful drums, grooving electric guitar for a moving, textured funky tune. ‘Kickin’ Ass’ may be an ode to 80s funk as the intro might suggest, drums kicks and snares solid, bringing in a bass riff, a boogie that may be suited for busting moves. ‘Zeppelin’ draws you in with subtle percussion, horn riffs, soulful organ, and infectious rhythm. Ending the album is ‘Plenty of Gadgets’ featuring some really dope vinyl cuts, sampling, a chill beat, wonky fine synths, a nice balance of funky sounds. Rhythmically superior, a real enjoyment showing in every song ‘Fish & Chips’ from My Neighbour Is is creative, innovative Funk for today. 

1. My Neighbour Is - Retarded (3:02)
2. My Neighbour Is - Little Freak (3:55)
3. My Neighbour Is - Latinos (2:52)
4. My Neighbour Is - Mr. Scream (3:27)
5. My Neighbour Is - Blessing Da Funk (3:41)
6. My Neighbour Is - Satana (2:04)
7. My Neighbour Is - Kickin' Ass (3:30)
8. My Neighbour Is - Zeppelin (3:01)
9. My Neighbour Is - Plenty Of Gadgets (3:26)

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