1. Mojo Rising - Seven Wonders - Cold Busted
  2. Mojo Rising - Seven Wonders - Compact Disc Cold Busted
  3. Mojo Rising - Seven Wonders - Cold Busted
  4. Mojo Rising - Seven Wonders - Cold Busted
  5. Mojo Rising - Seven Wonders - Cold Busted

Mojo Rising - Seven Wonders

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‘Seven Wonders’ from Mojo Rising is a 7-track album that exudes a worldly and textured palette of Funk, Dub, Instrumental and Electronic music. ‘Stonehedge’ starts it off at about 100BPM with a satisfying crackling snare, funky instrumental breaks for uprocking and clever sampling. ‘The Lighthouse’ is a bright and spicy tune with softly plucked upright bass with Jazz and Latin tones, wonderful live drums and a beak down into slower beats, and balmy ethereal synths and sub bass. ‘Hanging Gardens’ is a gem that drops in with silky smooth powerful bass and playful IDM beats, relaxing vocals and blissful sounds. ‘Pyramid’, a striking tune, builds with fresh upbeat bit crushed drums, exquisite and ghostly beautiful shades of melodies and reverberating samples for a satiating listen. Ending is the pensive and equanimity of ‘The Tomb’ an electronic ambient Dub journey with gentle piano and relaxed snare, the leisurely bass carrying the tune in pleasant waves. A liberating, appealing album ‘Seven Wonders’ gives the listener an exotic and diversely satisfying experience.

1. Mojo Rising - Stonehenge (6:45)
2. Mojo Rising - The Lighthouse (5:28)
3. Mojo Rising - Catacombs (5:20)
4. Mojo Rising - Hanging Gardens (6:36)
5. Mojo Rising - Pyramids (5:20)
6. Mojo Rising - Colossus (5:12)
7. Mojo Rising - The Tomb (8:30)