Mojo Rising - Moving Forward

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Moving Forward, the latest album from Los Angeles DJ / producer Mojo Rising, also pleasantly looks to the recent past just a bit … harking back to the heyday of downtempo music as heard on fabled imprints like Mo’Wax, Pork, and Cup Of Tea. The Cold Busted label, today’s premier ambassador of smoked-out funky grooves, has given Mojo Rising the platform to release this outstanding set of fourteen tracks, each presenting a vibe at times spacey, sometimes hazy, and always downright funky. Moving Forward is an album of highlights, such as the lush and emotive breakbeat-fueled title track, the heavy boom-bap swing of “Jazzy Vapors”, and the digital future funk of “MindFAQ”. If, at first, the cuts seem a throwback to downtempo’s prime, Mojo Rising indeed updates the genre, Moving Forward towards a funky rhythm resurgence.

1. Mojo Rising - Moving Forward (5:10)
2. Mojo Rising - Sunday (5:42)
3. Mojo Rising - Jazzy Vapors (4:47)
4. Mojo Rising - I Don't Care (4:39)
5. Mojo Rising & Jenova 7 - Lullaby On Mars (4:04)
6. Mojo Rising - Interstellar Flow (5:54)
7. Mojo Rising & World View - Precipitate (5:45)
8. Mojo Rising - MindFAQ (6:13)
9. Mojo Rising & Little Planet - Looking Forward (6:06)
10. Mojo Rising - Vibin' (3:57)
11. Mojo Rising - In the Pocket (3:55)
12. Mojo Rising - Brown Cow (More Cowbell Remix) (4:28)
13. Mojo Rising - Busted N Dusted (4:33)
14. Mojo Rising & Alex Hudish - Looking Back (5:53)

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