Mister T. - The Return Of The Classic

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The Return Of The Classic is the return of Greek beat-master Mister T. to the Cold Busted label, and he certainly explores a classic sound. Based in Athens, Mister T. has long been transmitting the jazzier side of downtempo hip hop, with top notch jams that are soulful, swinging, and undeniably funky. This album is the latest in a string of Mister T. collections on Cold Busted … as prolific as Mister T. is, his quality never falters and the tunes don’t disappoint. The Return Of The Classic contains a multitude of magical dance floor moments, including the bluesy skank of “Break My Back”, the breakdance funk of “Put The Needle On”, the high energy horn section groove of “Elephant”, and the title track’s shuffling big beat and stew of crafty samples. The Return Of The Classic has beats and funk for days, with Mister T. delivering a beloved old school sound to today’s jazzbos.

1. Mister T - The Soul Man (3:50)
2. Mister T - Break My Back (4:44)
3. Mister T - Jestofunked (4:12)
4. Mister T - Put the Needle On (4:12)
5. Mister T - Sibling (4:17)
6. Mister T - Sometimes (4:24)
7. Mister T - Elephant (4:09)
8. Mister T - Ballroom (3:47)
9. Mister T - Bring It Back Again (4:13)
10. Mister T - Groova (4:07)
11. Mister T - View From (4:24)
12. Mister T - The Return of the Classic (4:49)

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