Mister T - Black Drop

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Based out of the funky scene brewing in Athens, Greece, Mister T leads the way with another spell-binding album release on the Cold Busted imprint. With accolades from the likes of Greg Wilson, Mark Farina (Mushroom Jazz), and Jose Padilla (Café del Mar), Mister T has become a respected name in the global beat-making scene. The new album — Black Drop — further cements Mister T’s elevated position. Its 12 tracks display an ambitious assembly of creative rhythm construction, crafty sample splicing, and deliciously heavy vibes. 

The title track sets the tone, intro’ing with a fat (phat!) beat before a time-traveling blues vocal enters the scene. Dusty strings, stabs of filtered guitar, and a pulsing low end lend a feel that’s both wistful and dance-worthy. Album opener “Easy Tiger” also shows Mister T’s imagination, meshing a steady breakbeat with an Asian melody line, hits of dramatic strings, and a somewhat spooky, effected vocal chorus. The result is mesmerizing. Mister T gracefully jumps genres but keeps everything tied to his sound — from the straight-ahead funk of “The Magician,” to the bombast of “Rock Stars,” to the dancehall touches of “Soundboy Burial,” and to the promised big band of “Big Band.” Never a dull moment … Mister T and Black Drop are delightfully all over the place, and always on point. 

1. Mister T - Easy Tiger (3:53)
2. Mister T - Rhythm N Blues (4:21)
3. Mister T - Bubbles (4:08)
4. Mister T - Black Drop (4:07)
5. Mister T - Gone Down (4:17)
6. Mister T - Mass Of Beats (3:58)
7. Mister T - The Introduction (4:47)
8. Mister T - Rock Stars (4:52)
9. Mister T - The Magician (4:47)
10. Mister T - Soundboy Burial Feat. Daddy Nek (5:31)
11. Mister T - Clavier's Touch (4:46)
12. Mister T - Big Band (4:31)

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