1. Melchior Sultana - Recognize The Real - Cold Busted
  2. Melchior Sultana - Recognize The Real - Compact Disc Cold Busted
  3. Melchior Sultana - Recognize The Real - Cold Busted
  4. Melchior Sultana - Recognize The Real - Cold Busted
  5. Melchior Sultana - Recognize The Real - Cold Busted

Melchior Sultana - Recognize The Real

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Melchior Sultana’s latest album on Cold Busted ‘Recognize the Real’ is a jazzy and diverse release alternating between chill Trip Hop and soulful Drum and Bass. It represents nicely what he says about his name - “Melchior Sultana stands for music as an art form with no title and boundaries.” Hailing from Malta, a Mediterranean island nation where he is known for starting the first techno record label at 17, his music style is indeed soulful, melodic and stimulating. The album starts off with ‘Maltese Nights’ a downtempo and atmospheric song with enticing beats. Next, the heat is turned up with the upbeat ‘Industry Clowns’ at 110 BPM and then ‘Deamons’ is unleashed next, a hyper jazzy Jungle tune with a playful bassline and melodic synth riffs. The album continues to decrescendo and crescendo in this way, with some notable favorites including ‘My World’. This one starts on an introspective energetic hip hop note and then drops about a minute and a half in with fun and sporadic amen breaks, drums with melodies that are truly free and lovely. The album ends on a collaboration song with Jonathan Ellul, ‘Man Fight Passion’ filled with seductive acoustic riffs, drums and effects that end it on a sincerely eclectic note. More feel good and often intoxicating beats can be found on this 18 track mellifluous release from Malta’s Melchior Sultana.

1. Melchior Sultana - Maltese Nights (3:25)
2. Melchior Sultana - Manifest (3:57)
3. Melchior Sultana - Industry Clowns (4:39)
4. Melchior Sultana - Deamons (5:30)
5. Melchior Sultana - So Many (4:10)
6. Melchior Sultana - Everything Changed (2:42)
7. Melchior Sultana - Days Go By (3:14)
8. Melchior Sultana - Talking To Ya (3:53)
9. Melchior Sultana - Alone (3:34)
10. Melchior Sultana - My World (3:47)
11. Melchior Sultana - The Life I Lived (3:43)
12. Melchior Sultana - Times Of Mystery (4:21)
13. Melchior Sultana - Walk (2:55)
14. Melchior Sultana - Away (3:25)
15. Melchior Sultana - No More (3:37)
16. Melchior Sultana - Sunny Morning (3:52)
17. Melchior Sultana - Dude In The Back (3:33)
18. Melchior Sultana & Jonathan Ellul - Man Fight Passion (3:05)