Loopmaffia - Street Bangerz Volume 7: RuffJointz

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‘RuffJointz’ a full LP from LoopMaffia is a Funk and Instrumental album with finesse, capturing vintage Soul and Funk styles with novel production and arrangements. ‘Return Of Da SupaBrotha’ is a swanky, classy tune with a laid back upright bass, soothing strings and piano melodies, super fresh funk. ‘Gonna Be Playin’ is tune with playful edits, beat repeats, rich in instruments and accentuated by apt effects, a sweet melody and funky vocal snippets. ‘Think’Bout It’ is a suave slow song with keen production, suspenseful and heartfelt sounds, a crooning singer, lovely sub bass and succinct drums. Following is ‘Pure Magic’ another pleasing tune with trumpet, guitar and harp and amazing drum patterns and a soulful singer singing the blues. ‘Regret’ is next with upbeat drums, genuine female vocals with fitting edits and chocolate smooth bass tones. ‘Chill Deluxe’ is an enticing and exciting tune with more funky vocal harmonies and steady beats, warm, crisp and soul satisfying this is feel good music. ‘God Only’ is a textured tune with smooth bass notes and quixotic R&B vocal snippets, for a slow dance or colloquial social, the piano and drums enjoyable. Serious new Funk with Blues, R&B, Soul influences, and Electronic manipulation for creative production and gratifying sounds, ‘RuffJointz’ from LoopMaffia brings it.

1. LoopMaffia - Bo Killed Me (3:10)
2. LoopMaffia - Sweet Whiskey Flava (3:14)
3. LoopMaffia - SummerTime (1:58)
4. LoopMaffia - Return Of Da SupaBrotha (2:54)
5. LoopMaffia - Gonna Be Playin (3:06)
6. LoopMaffia - Free Feat. DJ Flovcut (2:49)
7. LoopMaffia - Think'Bout It (3:22)
8. LoopMaffia - Pure Magic (3:21)
9. LoopMaffia - Regret (2:43)
10. LoopMaffia - Chill Deluxe (3:38)
11. LoopMaffia - Sway Away (3:22)
12. LoopMaffia - Miami Roadster (3:20)
13. LoopMaffia - Born Ready (3:05)
14. LoopMaffia - Smell Of Napalm In The Morning (3:38)
15. LoopMaffia - God Only (3:23)
16. LoopMaffia - Funky Shit (2:59)
17. LoopMaffia - BangBus (Album Version) (3:59)

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