Karmawin - Daiquiri

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Karmawin is a skilled producer of self-described "open-minded beats," hailing from Lyon, France. With previous releases in the realm of chill, jazzy, instrumental hip-hop for the likes of Hip Dozer and Vinyl Digital, his appearance on Cold Busted comes none too soon. The Daiquiri EP features four smooth, head-noddin' tunes that feature vintage vibes, boom-bap beats, and bebop inclinations. "Flamingos" leads things off with summery flutes, wah-wah guitar splashes, and rhythms suitable for a beachside frolic. Next is "Warm City Night," evoking a thick-as-smoke jazz club and daring pick-up lines with its seductive piano and strategically placed vocal drops. "Jaipur Train" sends the listener on an exotic time warp, complete with lounge organs, a chorus of spectral singers, and other sonic surprises. "Daiquiri" closes on the title track which pulses with a night-cruising feel — a soundtrack to an after-hours drive to see if the listener's favorite bar is still open.

1. Karmawin - Flamingos (2:13)
2. Karmawin - Warm City Night (2:24)
3. Karmawin - Jaipur Train (2:17)
4. Karmawin - Daiquiri (2:26)