Ill Sugi - Warp Haze

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Cold Busted reaches out to the Tokyo massive and welcomes Ill Sugi to the label’s global roster. A Tokyo DJ since 2006, Ill Sugi has released beats on URBNET, Radio Juicy, and Jazzy Sport and collaborated with the likes of Bugseed and San Francisco’s Dregs One. Now Ill Sugi presents Warp Haze, a heady 17 track album for Cold Busted that displays the many chill boom-bap moods of this talented producer.

The opening track — “Call Me Nasty” — sets the tone with a spring reverb-drenched drum track, electric piano chords, and echoed vocals dropping in and out. “Night Boat,” another highlight, is more upfront but still retaining the dreamy, laid back hip hop feel that this producer excels at. Sharp rhythmic sounds serve as accents, an eccentric touch that shows Ill Sugi’s unique take on this sound. Ill Sugi also embarks on a few notable collaborations: “Pretty Shadows” features Budamunk (formerly of Delicious Vinyl act BudaStyles), Brrwd artsy Yagi guests on the whimsical “Old Man,” and the closing “After The Rain” includes a contribution from IWYMI INTNl alumnus Tajima Hal. Throughout, the beats and cuts are evocative and innovative, comprised of unexpected textures and rare-sourced samples.

1. Ill Sugi - Call Me Nasty (2:35)
2. Ill Sugi - Punk Smokers (2:40)
3. Ill Sugi - Night Boat (2:45)
4. Ill Sugi - Sylvia (1:21)
5. Ill Sugi - Libra (1:19)
6. Ill Sugi - Teenage Life Sounds (0:56)
7. Ill Sugi - Lover (Ex) (2:15)
8. Ill Sugi - Suburban (1:44)
9. Ill Sugi & Budamunk - Pretty Shadows (2:07)
10. Ill Sugi - Downtown Speaks (1:57)
11. Ill Sugi - I Gatta Feeling (1:52)
12. Ill Sugi - Angel Angera (2:11)
13. Ill Sugi - Twin Cedar (2:15)
14. Ill Sugi & Yagi - Old Man (2:37)
15. Ill Sugi - Hayama (1:10)
16. Ill Sugi - North Port (1:52)
17. Ill Sugi & Tajima Hal - After The Rain (3:02)

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