Geliks - Indeed

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Geliks floats across Europe, mysterious and elusive, landing in the Cold Busted inbox with a captivating album titled Indeed. There is no telling who Geliks is or what Geliks wants, but with Indeed the unidentified artist covertly drops 11 captivating tracks that give lovers of tough beats just what they need. Indeed! 

The set opens with “2376 Broadway,” imagining a dramatic moment soundtracked by sweeping strings, soulful vocals, and beats for days. It’s catchy as hell, too. There’s also the hypnotic “Paper Plane,” combining lonesome piano, jazzy stand-up bass, and strange musique concrète shuffles. “Ball Flip” is another highlight, boldly mixing hip hop flavors with clanging bell melodies and some terrific rock guitar. These are just of a few of the tracks found on Indeed, and Geliks maintains the extraordinarily heady vibe to the end. 

1. Geliks - 2376 Broadway (4:39)
2. Geliks - Morning Breeze (1:44)
3. Geliks - Indeed (2:33)
4. Geliks - Paper Plane (4:16)
5. Geliks - Ultimate Ocean (3:10)
6. Geliks - Bali Flip (3:28)
7. Geliks - Source (2:13)
8. Geliks - Green Lights (3:34)
9. Geliks - Good Night (3:08)
10. Geliks - Salbei (3:26)
11. Geliks - Jet Oil (4:11)

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