1. Garaz - Labyrinth - Compact Disc - Cold Busted
  2. Garaz - Labyrinth - Compact Disc - Cold Busted
  3. Garaz - Labyrinth - Compact Disc - Cold Busted
  4. Garaz - Labyrinth - Compact Disc - Cold Busted
  5. Garaz - Labyrinth - Compact Disc - Cold Busted

Garaz - Labyrinth

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‘Labyrinth’, the full length Trip Hop LP from artist Garaz (also known as Nick Tremo) exudes sweet savory electronic and organic sounds, chill to the core with jazz inspired moments. ‘Apple Pips’ lures the listener in with dreamy xylophone synths, compelling and charming sounds, a gentle percussion and an easy going beat further entice. ‘Labyrinth’ also courts the listener with deep purple sounding synths whispering and woo-ing, dope beats at about 85BPM all gently pull you in to a state of tranquility. ‘Saturday’ picks up the pace with a cool fast cymbal, upright bass warmly playing notes over a rumbling drum beat with pretty melodies beat repeating, wavering, soothing and playful. ‘Flora’ begins with ambient soundscapes, ominous and experimental like a sunbeam and into chill drums, the snare prominent, building peacefully into a warm sub bass, buttery and smooth. ‘Glass Walls’ features more gentle ambiance, active percussions and upright bass plucking notes for an ethereal, experimental, improvisational, memorable tune. ‘Feelings’ is another favorite with deep echoing piano notes, a classic beat, female jazz vocal snippets and light piano notes escalating a meditative feeling of leisure and wonder. ‘U’ is a honey drenched creative song with sweet strings, tinkering bleeps and authoritative beat and snare, confident and sunny. Interesting, liberated and satisfying, ‘Labyrinth’ takes us into nicely textured and shaded, well-rounded sounds, beats and production; music fresh as flowers, deep, lounging and pleasing. 

1. Garaz - Apple Pips (4:59)
2. Garaz - Stand By Me (3:19)
3. Garaz - Dots (4:53)
4. Garaz - Leafs (4:25)
5. Garaz - Labyrinth (4:09)
6. Garaz - Saturday (3:39)
7. Garaz - Garden (4:00)
8. Garaz - Flora (4:25)
9. Garaz - Look Up! (3:30)
10. Garaz - Glass Walls (4:32)
11. Garaz - Interlude (0:57)
12. Garaz - Feelings (3:20)
13. Garaz - Mr. Tall and Mr. Small (3:20)
14. Garaz - U (3:36)
15. Garaz - Checkmate (3:36)
16. Garaz - Farewell Track (2:14)