1. Emapea - B-Boy Stance / B-Boy Theme - Limited Edition 7" Vinyl Cold Busted
  2. Emapea - B-Boy Stance / B-Boy Theme - Cold Busted

Emapea - B-Boy Stance / B-Boy Theme

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he latest in Cold Busted’s 7” series – featuring previously digital-only cuts now enshrined on wax – comes from accomplished Polish beat-maker Emapea. Known for his contributions to the IWYMI and Bust Free compilations as well as his widely lauded album Seeds, Roots & Fruits, Emapea has been recently selected for inclusion in Mark Farina’s next Mushroom Jazz installment. So the time is ripe to get funky and fresh with this prime beat-maker’s new 7” single. This one goes out to the B-Boys, as “B-Boy Stance” grooves with its ‘70s-style car chase guitar, feet-shuffling rhythms, horn splashes, and energetic vocal drops. Every B-Boy needs a solid B-side, and here you’ll find “B-Boy Theme”. This one transports the floor to a raucous block party complete with breakneck scratches and energetic drum loops, alongside ‘70s funk flourishes that’ll get any private dick – who’s a sex machine to all the chicks – quickly moving his hips.

1. Emapea - B-Boy Stance (3:06)
2. Emapea - B-Boy Theme (3:54)/p>