Eagle - Records From The Basement Session 2

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Eagle's sound sources are a global assemblage, as he scours second-hand shops from China to Dubai for rare records to source his beats. Even Eagle's residence is multi-cultural — born in the Ukraine but now based in Hong Kong, the producer and renowned scratch DJ draws upon a galaxy of influences to craft his jazzy lo-fi hip hop concoctions. Now he's powered up his MPC and loaded up the vintage wax for another Cold Busted excursion. Records from the Basement Session 2 continues the series started in early 2021, bringing Eagle's sharp-eyed beat constructions back to the masses.

"Melody Maker" is the first of 15 extraordinary tracks, setting the scene with R&B flourishes, odd synthy effects, and minimal but tight rhythms. There's also "Nights In White Hong Kong," a hypnotic rush of electric piano chords, Asian flutes, a familiar-edged beat, and dollops of drama. "Magic Planet" instantly charms with its twinkling keys, wistful melodies, and slow-but-steady drum loop, transporting the listener to the title's domain. And "Let's Begin Again" takes on a lounge-flavor as shimmering vibraphone lines and mood-setting strings evoke a pensive journey.

These are just a few of the many highlights found on Records from the Basement Session 2.

1. Eagle - Melody Maker (2:36)
2. Eagle - The World Is A Ghetto (2:31)
3. Eagle - My Soul Longs For You (2:19)
4. Eagle - Keep Diggin (2:44)
5. Eagle - Nights In White Hong Kong (3:06)
6. Eagle - Depth (3:22)
7. Eagle - The Walk (2:26)
8. Eagle - Power Of Jazz (1:29)
9. Eagle - Magic Planet (3:18)
10. Eagle - Sunrise (2:24)
11. Eagle - Change Of Mind (2:57)
12. Eagle - Let's Begin Again (3:01)
13. Eagle - Bright Moments (2:53)
14. Eagle - Beyond The Sun (2:11)
15. Eagle - Autumn Leaves (2:03)