DJ T-Rock - Consider Yourself Invaded

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DJ T-Rock continues to push the envelope of scratch and sample-based production with Consider Yourself Invaded, an album filled with meticulously crafted assemblages of beats and cuts. A scratch-master responsible for battle records on the likes of Bomb Hip-Hop Records, Stereo-Type, and Replicant Music Trading Corp – as well as the recent Back To The Essence album in cahoots with Squashy Nice – DJ T-Rock is making moves with a steady flow of block party-rockin’ releases and recordings. 

A return to the Cold Busted label, Consider Yourself Invaded features 14 cuts that lay down beats and textures from the worlds of funk, boom bap, jazz, and more than a few unexpected places. Highlights include the swerving cut-and-paste of “Headhunter Theme”, the brass-fueled urgency of “Occupied Mind”, “Out Of Control” with its pleasingly lazy pace and mesmerizing, echoed stabs, and the soulful, evocative combinations layered within “Now You Know”. With thoughtfully placed rhythmic scratches throughout, DJ T-Rock not only shows his turntable ability but also an ear for arrangement and construction. Give it up for DJ T-Rock, and Consider Yourself Invaded.

1. DJ T-Rock - The Silver Sound (1:42)
2. DJ T-Rock - Now You Know (2:11)
3. DJ T-Rock - Come Back (Orange County Style) (2:00)
4. DJ T-Rock - Headhunter Theme (2:25)
5. DJ T-Rock - Night Train (3:00)
6. DJ T-Rock - Watch Out (2:32)
7. DJ T-Rock - Occupied Mind (2:13)
8. DJ T-Rock - Fresh Rhythm (2:38)
9. DJ T-Rock - Du Du Ta Du (2:48)
10. DJ T-Rock - Don't Underestimate (1:18)
11. DJ T-Rock - Out Of Control (3:00)
12. DJ T-Rock - Rock's Strut (2:52)
13. DJ T-Rock - Remember When (1:47)
14. DJ T-Rock - Wait A Minute (2:14)

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