Bugseed - Far East Joints

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Buzzing in from Okinawa, Bugseed has been making a name for himself in hip hop circles with finely constructed beats and clever sample riffs, inspiring a multitude of releases filtering across the globe. Bugseed’s finally traversed the Pacific Ocean to mingle with L.A.’s famed Cold Busted imprint, resulting in the bomb-tastic twelve song album Far East Joints. Dusty rhythms, layered loops, and ringing instrumentation represent Bugseed’s cool new take on a classic old school instrumental hip hop sound.

Dig deep into the aptly titled “Accelerate The Vibe” and its speaker-rattling drum patterns, the jazzy cut-up rhythm and lilting melodica of “Brazilian Wax”, the lounge-tinged boom-bap pressure of “Flow Over”, and the hypnotic dream-groove of “Blastaway”. These are just some of the highlights found within Far East Joints, with Bugseed guiding the listener on a proper journey across the entire album. These Japanese beats are hefty and universal.

1. Bugseed - Respect j.DePina (1:40)
2. Bugseed - Blastaway (2:19)
3. Bugseed - A Class Reflection (2:17)
4. Bugseed - Germinate (1:48)
5. Bugseed - Accelerate The Vibes (2:34)
6. Bugseed - Azeret (3:02)
7. Bugseed - Sunamachi (1:38)
8. Bugseed - Brazilian Wax (3:00)
9. Bugseed - City Connection (2:53)
10. Bugseed - Kasaibashi (2:30)
11. Bugseed - ESC (3:29)
12. Bugseed - Flow Over (3:08)

Listen & Buy: https://beats.coldbusted.org/fareastjoints

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