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As of “Nostalgic, soulful and, of course, boogie-woogie.” That’s how Belgian DJ producer Boogie Belgique (AKA Oswald Cromheecke) describes the enticing combination of styles and sources from different decades that make up his music. Taking vintage inspirations, most notably from swing and jazz eras, and merging them with contemporary beats and textures is the young producer’s forte. This is pleasingly evident on Volta, the latest Boogie Belgique album for the Cold Busted label. 

“Jungle Law” gives a glimpse into Boogie Belgique’s sonic palette. Tough hip hop beats and funky live guitar follow an intro of jungle ambience as a trumpet presents the melody. Soon some swingy big band jazz enters the song in an almost ghostly manner, while the insistent beat keeps the dance floor moving. Album opener “Go Slow” shows a different side to the coin giving the listener an uptempo broken beat rhythm, some bouncy bass guitar, snippets of string loops, and a lovely, forlorn vocal line that echoes the past. It’s a beautiful concoction, and Boogie Belgique delivers on many aspects of this style throughout his eleven track album. Volta is a satisfying trip in an aural time machine. 

1. Boogie Belgique - Go Slow (3:56)
2. Boogie Belgique - Need Somebody (4:56)
3. Boogie Belgique - Goodnight Moon (4:24)
4. Boogie Belgique - Every Time (4:01)
5. Boogie Belgique - Volta (4:39)
6. Boogie Belgique - Enigma (4:51)
7. Boogie Belgique - Jungle Law (5:06)
8. Boogie Belgique - Happening Again (4:40)
9. Boogie Belgique - Old Song (4:13)
10. Boogie Belgique - Taboo (4:13)
11. Boogie Belgique - Lights Out (2:16)

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