Blue In Green - Inner Funk

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The Cold Busted label returns to the far east for Inner Funk, their second album from the Tokyo-based Blue In Green. A guitarist and composer since early childhood, Blue In Green specializes in a downtempo, beat-filled collusion of bossa nova, jazz, and hip hop styles all accented by his masterful guitar work. With his stated goal to make people feel better with his music, Blue In Green's Inner Funk achieves exactly that. Highlights include “Hell Yeah,” which starts with a stutter before introducing uplifting piano keys on top of a hip-hop beat with the type of dirty synth work that’ll wrinkle noses and sway necks. “Big Band” follows suit with a snappier snare and a bass guitar. “When I Met You” and “Keep Steppin’” introduce playful xylophones and “Friday Night Funk” opens up with an organ and light strings. The much moodier “Haunting Refrain” features some quick pick work with Blue In Green moving up and down the scales …everything falls in just the right place to create some spellbinding, loungey funk.