Bahia Deluxe - Cuisine Deluxe

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Cold Busted presents ‘Cuisine Deluxe’ by Bahia Deluxe from the Balearic Isles of Spain, full of flavorful Lounge, sometimes minimal and stimulating Electronic and Trip Hop beats. Songs like ’96 Bars of Dopeness’ and ‘Cesar’s Loop’ showcase fresh uprocking Hip Hop drums, funky instruments, filtering, and moving rhythms. Ringing bongos over a dramatic piano note begin ‘Anjuna Beach Thriller’, crunchy IDM beats ease in with bright horns echoing and the cull of sounds from the ocean sampled over metallic bleeps and bongos add a riveting vibe. ‘Magic Seaweed’ follows, a captivating, minimal and upbeat tune with emotion and hip moving rhythms. Glitchy sounds, drums and Downtempo beats are found in ‘Alaro Alaro’ and ‘Space Jar’ with synths and samples that make for relaxing, deep and pleasing songs. In ‘Chilled Guitar’ playful drums, bit crushes and lazy, lucid sounding guitar and bass riffs embody a laid back sunny afternoon. Spiritual synths and sublime shifting drum patterns, symbols and affects in ‘Al Forno Tio’ make for a groovy ending to the 15-track original and exquisite journey of ‘Cuisine Deluxe’.

1. Bahia Deluxe - Cyborg Cruise (4:41)
2. Bahia Deluxe - 96 Bars Of Dopeness (3:52)
3. Bahia Deluxe - Chickenburger (4:50)
4. Bahia Deluxe - Cesar's Loop (4:51)
5. Bahia Deluxe - Slumcat (4:34)
6. Bahia Deluxe - Beat Royal (5:41)
7. Bahia Deluxe - Anjuna Beach Thriller (7:25)
8. Bahia Deluxe - Magic Seaweed (5:02)
9. Bahia Deluxe - Alaro Alaro (4:45)
10. Bahia Deluxe - Tex Mex BBQ (5:34)
11. Bahia Deluxe - Space Jar (5:50)
12. Bahia Deluxe - Chilled Guitar (4:04)
13. Bahia Deluxe - What A Life (4:52)
14. Bahia Deluxe - Beat Royal Without Cheese (3:41)

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