Axion117 - One Thousand Horizon

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From Utsunomiya, Japan – a place previously famed for its delicious gyoza – comes the equally tasty beat concoctions of producer Axion117. Also known by Sato Shuya, this disciplined rhythmologist has dropped releases for Collective Resonance, Expansions Collective, and Mellow Orange and is now revealing One Thousand Horizon, a nineteen track long-player for the Cold Busted label. These sample-built constructions swing and shimmy with the best in instrumental hip hop, showcasing intricate cuts and melodic intervals that’ll bring the heads into a nodding state of smoked-out bliss. “Through The Looking Glass” is a particular highlight, with its filtered flute, creative drum programming, and jazzy breakdown interlude … this displays the skill of Axion117’s technique in a brilliant two-and-a-half minute capsule. One Thousand Horizon’s eighteen other nuggets follow through on this promise, capturing moods that can be jazzy, masterfully funky, dreamy, and soulful, all buoyed by solid breakbeats and a contemplative, laid-back attitude. One Thousand Horizon is the perfect soundtrack for a hazy afternoon.

1. Circle of Cycle  01:44
2. Ymnm Fonk  02:40
3. Kettle River  02:20
4. Other Earth  01:26
5. Lost Number  02:16
6. Through the Looking Glass  02:24
7. Control  02:21
8. Grain of Salt  02:55
9. Morning Again  01:46
10. Singularity  01:14
11. Son of the Sun  03:08
12. Sleepwalking  02:08
13. SW Part2  01:09
14. Reminiscence  02:48
15. Partition  01:00
16. Oh, Ah Ha  01:24
17. TMTR Disco  02:16
18. Final Letter  02:35
19. Beyond the Time  03:31