In his own words, trog’low makes “nostalgia music.” As the Philippines-born, Toronto-based producer says, “I’m a nostalgic person to a fault. It’s what fuels my creative energy, at least in the music-making aspect.” This fits with the artist's name, trog’low being a play on ‘troglodyte.’ That can refer to an underground cave-dweller or someone oblivious to the outside world. That is, someone happy to live in the inspiration of what’s come before.

Starting his musical life as a teenage metal guitarist, trog’low got zapped by the beat-bug after a chance encounter with Nujabes' “Lady Brown.” He promptly traded fast riffs for chill loops and phat rhythms, honing production skills and eventually releasing his well-received 2011 debut album Mellow Feats. “I was new to beat-making at that time,” says trog’low. “So the reception and amount of love I got from that were surprising.” He was hooked.

Coming from a varied musical background works in trog’low’s favor. He’s not drawn in by musical trends or fads, even claiming not to listen to most of his lo-fi hip hop contemporaries. “I have a clearer sense of what sounds good to me,” says trog’low. His music has a timeless, classic feel, drawing from a jazzier well than most beats producers. This is pronounced on trog’low’s new album Midnight Calisthenics, his first for the esteemed Cold Busted label. Through the album’s 14 tracks, boom-bap beats and deep jazz intermingle, combining the old-timey with fresh aesthetics. It’s a sound that’s sturdy, clever, and reassuring.

So get ready to crawl out of your cave and groove to some dope cuts from the reclusive trog’low. This ‘nostalgia music’ will have listeners celebrating the past while looking forward to future tunes from this exciting artist.

Instagram: trog'low