Prolific beat-maker and multi instrumentalist Sixfingerz from Belgium delivers again with quality platters of head-nodding rhythms mixed over global soundscapes. Known to friends and fam as Tim De Groof, Sixfingerz grabs influences from hip hop and electronica — ranging from RJD2 and DJ Shadow to Coldcut and Aphex Twin — and filters them through an experimental approach. He’s interested in playing with the concept of fusion, combining disparate elements sourced from around the world to create a sound that belongs to no one but Sixfingerz.

Since adopting the Sixfingerz moniker, De Groof has released six albums with the likes of necessary beat-conscious labels Cold Busted and WeGrowWax. Notably, his 2017 album Red served as an official soundtrack to Red Ridin’ Hood, a theatrical production in Antwerp that gathered international dancers and choreographers. Silent Storm, Sixfingerz’ latest album for Cold Busted, is set for release in early 2020. And Sixfingerz also regularly participated in the notorious Stones Throw Beat Battles online competitions, winning around 20 battles in the span of three years. His work ethic is apparently like his beats: steadfast and potent.

The music of Sixfingerz has evolved into a distinctive mixture of hip hop, funk and jazz, and world music, all with the added wild card of atmospheric sound design. Remarkably, Sixfingerz produces his intricate tracks with Madtracker, a music-making software that gone unsupported for over 15 years. This shows how Sixfingerz, a multi-instrumentalist, chooses to focus on the tunes and the vibe instead of the latest production toys. As he says, “I’m just expressing myself; different moods, different tunes.” And that difference is the key to his timeless, worldly sound. No doubt — Sixfingerz is ready to expand your mind.