Based in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Kazakhstan-born music producer Oilix finds his main inspiration in video games. After all, the name Oilix comes from Metal Gear, pointing to a game-universe algae that secretes precious oil. “It was a small thing,” says Oilix of his namesake, “but everyone wanted it.”

Though immersed in games — and also professionally creating music for video games and soundtracks — Oilix’s music strays from stereotypical styles of the genre. He jokingly refers to his music as “sunhop” and professes a love of melody. “The melody is the most important part in making music,” explains Oilix. “If the melody isn’t remembered after listening, then it’s unsuccessful.” Thus Oilix’s music is bright and hummable, with lounge, jazz, and even soft-rock influences laying under the head-nod-inducing beats. These cuts are infectious.

In the 8+ years that Oilix has actively produced music he’s been found on the popular Jazz Vibes playlist, has had releases on the likes of Vinyl Digital and Hip Dozer, and appeared on compilations for Blue Note Records and Astralwerks. Now Oilix is joining the esteemed Cold Busted imprint with his first vinyl release, the Nothing But Summer EP to be released in early 2022. There’s a lot in store for Oilix, and lots of music to come. May the sunhop shine on.

Instagram: Oilix