Mister T.

Mister T. (Dimitris Tentinis) was born in 1983 in Kavala (Northern Greece). He started writing his music ideas and making beats experimentally in 2001, in his father’s personal recording studio. Past classical music studies also influenced him for his new direction. In 2010, he officially released his first tracks by joining the Cold Busted label (Los Angeles/USA) and since then, has released seven full length albums with them. Mister T. has also released music on Timewarp, Katakana Records, Digest Music, Sound Exhibition Records (Italy) and ChinChin Records (Germany). 

Mister T’s style has been described as groove with lots of funk, soul, jazz, hip hop and electronic music influences. He also likes writing in a downtempo/trip hop style. His music is widely supported by listeners, djs, music and radio producers around the globe and many of his tunes are already remixed by well-known artists like Club Des Belugas, Kaleidoscope Jukebox, Timewarp Inc, Savages Y Suefo, Omegaman, Jayl Funk, Umbo, Funky Destination, My Neighbour Is, Mojo Rising, Sixfingerz, Green Street, & Es-K. Other highlights include having his tracks used by brands such as Capital One & Walmart, Nike, and Hennessy.

Parallel to his production activities, he began playing music as a DJ in 2003, with tours in Greece and abroad. Mister T’s freestyle sets are based on a blend of funk, soul, jazz, hip hop, breakbeat, afrobeat, reggae, and electronic music flavours.

Instagram: Mister T.