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Es-K (Essential Knowledge) was born in Holland, raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and currently lives in Burlington, Vermont. He made waves with his monthly Spontaneous Grooves releases, where a set of instrumental tracks are created in one sitting — 24 editions were released. Since then, Es-K has remained prolific with a plethora of self-released beat-constructions and albums for Cold Busted, including 2016’s acclaimed Passages. Es-K has a workman-like ethos of beat-making, with creative and top notch hip hop soundscapes constantly pouring out of his Vermont studio.  ReCollection, Es-K’s latest offering on Cold Busted, ups the ante with 24 evocative beat-based compositions representing a variety of moods and contexts. From the sparse, slightly ominous opener “Hydrgn” the listener knows this is a different kind of beats record. “Flrn,” for example, is deep and textural, owing influence to futuristic ambient as well as boom bap hip hop. There are also nostalgic, dream-like moments, such as the loping and exotic “Ptssm” and the mutant quiet storm funk of “Mngns.” The titles are indeed code for the elements, and the elements of Es-K’s production are just as varied. ReCollection is a chemistry course of smooth beat concoctions.

1. Hydrgn  00:41
2. Crbn  01:55
3. Ntrgn  01:35
4. Mlydbnm  01:22
5. Flrn  02:06
6. SDM  01:30
7. SLCN  01:42
8. Phsphrs  01:28
9. SLFR 02:40
10. Chlrn  01:51
11. Ptssm  02:41
12. CLCM  01:28
13. Chrmm  01:15
14. Mngns  03:30
15. RN  01:25
16. CBLT  02:14
17. Cppr  00:56
18. ZNC  02:10
19. SLNM  01:01
20. XXygn  02:10
21. TN  03:08
22. Mrcry  02:04
23. Rsnc  01:38
24. Rbdm  01:47

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