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Shinji presents a new album of downtempo beats from Australia, the self-titled long-player Shinji. Based in the city of Canberra, Shinji has been twisting beats and assembling samples in a method that draws from classic hip-hop and Plunderphonic sound-sourcing. Samples can come from anywhere: old VHS tapes, scratchy second-hand vinyl, covert internet streams, even the sounds of nature outside his window. Shinji is always experimenting but also making sure his cuts are steeped in bass and groove. This playful attitude is the driving force behind Shinji, his fantastic second album for Cold Busted.

After opening with the wistful piano, evocative soundscapes, and subdued rhythms of “Decay In The Natural World,” the album is revealed as a personal sonic journey. “Treelike” continues this dream-like feel, as jazzy guitar chords, watery beats, and chiming flourishes envelope the listener in warm fuzz. There are songs for the dance floor, too — the tribally funk of “Avalanche!” and the lounge-meets-drum n’ bass coolness of “Follow Through” are two that qualify. But Shinji consistently draws upon cinematic vibes, such as on the lovely “Dust Delay,” which builds from layers of manipulated vocal tones into a melancholic beat tapestry. Shinji’s self-titled album is a trip — it’s the work of an audio collagist at the top of his game.

1. Shinji - Decay In The Natural World (1:38)
2. Shinji - Treelike (2:33)
3. Shinji - Shade (2:22)
4. Shinji - Big Smoke (0:46)
5. Shinji - Avalanche! (3:35)
6. Shinji - Follow Through (1:36)
7. Shinji - Music Says (3:16)
8. Shinji - Descent Into The Sun (2:20)
9. Shinji - Grit & Tooth (1:46)
10. Shinji - Fu-e (2:34)
11. Shinji - Is Anything Resonating? (2:36)
12. Shinji - Stumble Speaker (2:12)
13. Shinji - Dust Delay (2:50)
14. Shinji - Tam (2:13)
15. Shinji - Cadet (1:55)
16. Shinji - Wick Flame (2:02)
17. Shinji - We Shall Again See The Stars In The Heavens (2:38)

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