Captain Supernova - Doors of Perception

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Captain Supernova has re-entered the atmosphere from out of nowhere with a fantastic new album, titled Doors Of Perception. An ‘American astronaut’ sent to interact with extraterrestrials using synthesizers, but also a multi-instrumentalist with high profile appearances at San Jose Jazz Festival, Rendezvous LA, and Loftsess under his belt, Captain Supernova has developed a unique and confident sound that draws upon equal portions of jazz, hip hop, funk, and synthy trip hop to complete his vision. After the acclaim and success of his self-released debut Visions of the Unknown – which made its way on many ‘best of 2014’ lists – Captain Supernova has adjusted his flight plan to orbit the Cold Busted label. Doors Of Perception builds on his stunning musicality and deft stylistic fusions to reveal seven tracks of smooth and uncompromisingly funky jazz-influenced music. 

The secret weapons in the Captain’s arsenal are an amazing crew of guest vocalists. Jackie Gage, who was heard on Visions of the Unknown, contributes her soulful tones to “Only One”, with the lovely music providing an ample showcase for the Bay Area singer. “Without Gravity” is a smooth, jazzy wonder that dreamily incorporates the voice of Notown Sound’s Angela Muhwezi … the result is a fine sonic approximation of ‘floating.’ Globally active Los Angeles-based vocalist Laura Mace waxes wistfully with “Leaving The Past Behind”, capturing a feeling of psychedelic balladry when mixed with Captain Supernova’s flowing music-field. Also from Los Angeles, Natasha Agrama collaborates on two very different songs: the late night waltz “Searching Forever” and the pensive but upbeat groover “Free Fall (Of Your Soul)”. Despite the variety of vocal contributors, Doors Of Perception has a cohesive story-telling sequence glued together by Captain Supernova’s smart and melodic arrangements. 

So, have a seat in the smoking lounge of Captain Supernova’s star cruiser, grab a glass of galactic libation, and have a deep listen to Doors Of Perception. You will be blissfully floating in no time at all.

1. Captain Supernova - Doors Into Doors (4:30)
2. Captain Supernova - Only One Feat. Jackie Gage (3:18)
3. Captain Supernova - How Could I (3:58)
4. Captain Supernova - Without Gravity Feat. Angela Muhwezi (3:46)
5. Captain Supernova - Searching For Forever Feat. Natasha Agrama (5:00)
6. Captain Supernova - Leaving the Past Behind Feat. Laura Mace (4:08)
7. Captain Supernova - Free Fall (Of Your Soul) Feat. Natasha Agrama (4:37)

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