1. Various Artists - In Dub 4 - Cold Busted
  2. Various Artists - In Dub 4 - Limited Edition Compact Disc Cold Busted
  3. Various Artists - In Dub 4 - Cold Busted
  4. Various Artists - In Dub 4 - Cold Busted
  5. Various Artists - In Dub 4 - Cold Busted

Various Artists - In Dub 4

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"TIWWD’s favourite purveyors of chilled-out grooves and lo-fi funk bring us another of their (very) occasional dub compilations here. 

There’s minimal info supplied, which means that while I can tell you some of the artists featured here are names Cold Busted fans will recognise for their usual downtempo work (Es-K and Vitamin D, for instance), it’s not entirely clear whether these are experiments in dub by the artists themselves, or remixes commissioned for this project. Not that it really matters, I suppose! More important is that generally speaking it works, where so many excursions into dub territory by non-reggae artists often don’t. Tracks range from lighter cuts like Illusion Of The Revolution by My Neighbour Is, which isn’t far from straight-up reggae, via ambient-dub-downtempo fusions from Ashkha (Lyrical Satirical) and SkySpitterInk (Self Lord) and skankin’ Zion Train/Dreadzone-esque digidub from Zac Love (The Rising Tide) to the weirded-out, polyrhythmic Sundaze by Es-K. But the album’s at its best when serving up some proper heavy manners with cuts like DJ Buzzword’s Dub Fi Mi Gyal, and Emapea’s Wicked Sound. 

All told, In Dub 4 is unlikely to replace that favourite King Tubby or Scientist album as your go-to dub fix. But it certainly wouldn’t sound out of place played alongside, and that in itself is no mean feat." -thisiswhywedance.com

1. My Neighbour Is - Illusion of the Revolution  03:46
2. Es-K - Get Together  02:04
3. Ancient Astronauts - Love Alone  02:15
4. DJ Vitamin D - Fire Island In Dub  01:35
5. Liberty Klaud - Dua Dua  02:56
6. Ashkha - Lyrical Satirical  02:28
7. 80s Casual - Stewdio 1  03:57
8. DJ Buzzword - Dub Fi Mi Gyal  03:18
9. Jenova 7 - Red Eye Youth  02:55
10. Es-K - Sundaze  02:35
11. Emapea - On the Run  03:04
12. Bar F6 - White Flag  04:28
13. SkySplitterInk - Self Lord  03:10
14. Zac Love - The Rising Tide  04:09
15. My Neighbour Is - Palm On Your Head  02:00
16. Emapea - Wicked Sound  03:35
17. DJ Buzzword - Deep Beat  03:22