Various Artists - In Dub 2

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After the great success of the first edition, Cold Busted is back with 'In Dub 2'. This Dub and Reggae inspired compilation contains 13 tracks with styles ranging from Electronic to Roots. Zac Love blasts off with his 'Salutation Dubs'. This track is built upon a catchy deep bass, thumping drums, and echoing piano chords. Don't forget to roll down your car window as soon as the gangster worm sound comes in. LoopMaffia's 'Anjoy's Patoo' is dedicated to a unique jamaican bird and has an uplifting, cheerful vibe. The track is filled with animal-like sound effects and stunning brass instruments. 'Muffin Bakery' starts off with a slow breakbeat at around 73 beats per minute followed by short guitar strokes giving the track a head nodding rhythmic base. The break at the end of the song takes a more loungy direction and is quite typical for Krystian Shek's sound. 80s Casual went all the way on 'Count Dubula', which is best described as a lazy glitch dub with psychedelic flanging vocals and distorted basses. 'Dub Around the World' by Liberty Klaud surely lives up to it's name. This stunning song contains lots of instruments like a spanish guitar, pan drums and a güro that originate from all around the world. If you're looking for a warm, authentic sound you definitely have to take a listen to 'Sufi Dance' by mister T. Close your eyes and let this hypnotizing, ambient dub song take you away. This release is a must-have to get ready for summer!