The Deli - Spacetime

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12" Transparent Mint Green Vinyl (140g)
Full Color Labels
Polyethylene Inner Sleeve
12" Premium 3mm Spined Sleeves 350gsm
Spacetime Sticker Pack Included Inside Jacket
Cold Busted Sticker Included Inside Jacket
Sealed in a Polywrap (Permanent/Tamper Proof) Sleeve

Records are packed between the Sleeve and the Insert, inside the Polywrap, to avoid Seam Splits.

Austin’s acclaimed hip-hop beatrepreneur The Deli embraces the celestial on his latest album, Spacetime. After the massive success of his album Vibes 3, its follow-up Jazz Cat, and the infectious track “Flowers” (over 50-million plays on Spotify so far), there’s been anticipation for his next long-player for Cold Busted. Look to the skies — Spacetime arrives like a cosmic gravity wave, sonic transmissions soundtracking happenings out among the stars. Load these tunes up for the next space mission and prepare to cruise.

Spacetime opens with “welcome2space,” bringing a sense of weightlessness with gentle piano chords and a sparse rhythm. “paracausalzone” lightly boosts the thrusters, with shimmering pads and unidentified percussion objects. There’s a perilous journey through the “asteroidbelt” accompanied by jazzy, muted horns and languid beats; and a visit to the “spacecafe” where sub-bass with a side of vibes is on the menu. Spacetime is a 17-track mission, closing with the imaginative “goodbyelullabye.” On this final cut, bouncing bass blips, smooth synth lines, and stereo glimmers welcome our spacefaring listener back to Earth. But these galactic beats make repeated returns to orbit quite inviting.

1. The Deli - welcome2space (1:20)
2. The Deli - paracausalzone (1:36)
3. The Deli - wideneck (2:01)
4. The Deli - asteroidbelt (2:36)
5. The Deli - clarity (2:24)
6. The Deli - invazion (2:03)
7. The Deli - savepoint (2:06)
8. The Deli & Lumes - orbitinterlude (1:56)
9. The Deli - spacerace (2:00)
10. The Deli - nocturnal (2:36)
11. The Deli - bittersweet (2:00)
12. The Deli - bringmethatalien (1:47)
13. The Deli - spacecafe (2:50)
14. The Deli - wishingstar (1:55)
15. The Deli - keepgoing (1:28)
16. The Deli - timedilation (1:08)
17. The Deli - goodbyelullaby (3:13)

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