LTTL - Watercolor

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Watercolor is LTTL’s fantastic debut album, released by Los Angeles’s iconic Cold Busted label. The western NY-state beat-maker was trained as a live drummer, but, thanks to a sonic encounter with the sound of MF Doom, emerged as an instrumental hip-hop enthusiast. LTTL’s musical palette is composed of phat and precise rhythms mixed with what he calls “psychedelic elevator music.” Watercolor’s 17 tracks display his technique, resulting in tight, laid-back vibes that groove for days.

LTTL’s obsession with colors and the natural world is revealed in the hue-named song titles. “Vermillion Hue” opens Watercolor, ringing electric piano and crisp, classy drums leading into a strange sax-like melody. “Lemon Yellow” is next, sounding like the on-hold music for the chillest of skate shops. Other highlights include the dramatic pulse of “Sky Blue,” the bird songs, jazzy guitar, and boom-bap beat of “Ultramarine,” and the strange melodic pads and growling bass of “Sap Green.”

With Watercolor, LTTL has carved out his path among a world of downtempo beat producers. The future is bright as he continues to paint his masterpieces with sound.

1. LTTL - Metallic Grey (1:55)
2. LTTL - Vermillion Hue (2:30)
3. LTTL - Lemon Yellow (2:13)
4. LTTL - Sierra (1:55)
5. LTTL - Deep Pink (1:46)
6. LTTL - Permanent Yellow Deep (2:08)
7. LTTL - Sky Blue (2:04)
8. LTTL - Cobalt Blue Hue (1:55)
9. LTTL - Viridian Hue (2:13)
10. LTTL - Yellow Ochre (1:53)
11. LTTL - Ultramarine (2:15)
12. LTTL - Cerulean Blue Hue (2:22)
13. LTTL - Crimson Lake (2:19)
14. LTTL - Saffron Orange (1:26)
15. LTTL - Sap Green (1:22)
16. LTTL - Maisie (2:14)
17. LTTL - Ice Blue (1:36)

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