Esbe - Late Night Headphones Vol. 1

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Originally released on Dusted Wax Kingdom in 2010, Late Night Headphones Vol. 1 is the first part of a three part series from multi-genre producer Esbe. Esbe is based in Los Angeles, and through releases on Dusted Wax Kingdom, Cult Classic, and Cold Busted (which issued his acclaimed album Bloomsday), he’s proven his sublime beat-making acumen. Esbe’s forte is atmospheric instrumental production, incorporating cut-up jazz and soul samples mixed into an intricate and tasty sonic stew. 

“Heart’s Treasure” sets the tone with lost-in-time jazz snatches and bluesy vocals beaming in like a distant transmission, anchored by head-nod beats. This sound is developed through “Overflow,” evoking a playful summertime vibe as casual melodies and crunchy drums are layered through the tune’s progress. “Chant For Love” presents a tougher beat, offset by gentle guitar chords and a delightfully dreamy vocal hook. And “Dark Shade Of Blue” shows a futuristic side to Esbe’s production, utilizing pulsing pads and voice hits to soundtrack a lonely spacewalk. 

These are just a few highlights from the 18 track Late Night Headphones Vol. 1. The entire album is exquisite, and with this re-release signaling the album’s first appearance on physical formats — including double vinyl, cassette, and CD — there will be a whole new slew of fans discovering Esbe’s sonic palette.

1. Esbe - Pixel Wave (4:13)
2. Esbe - Heart's Treasure (4:08)
3. Esbe - Beautiful Sound (3:09)
4. Esbe - Bluesy Moon (3:19)
5. Esbe - Overflow (3:44)
6. Esbe - L(o)ust (3:03)
7. Esbe - Drowning (3:43)
8. Esbe - Chant For Love (3:53)
9. Esbe - Haunt Me (3:46)
10. Esbe - Therapy (4:06)
11. Esbe - Law Of Attraction (3:50)
12. Esbe - Reminder (4:30)
13. Esbe - Dark Shades Of Blue (4:20)
14. Esbe - Lullaby Of The Leaves (3:02)
15. Esbe - Refined (3:19)
16. Esbe - Still Want (3:27)
17. Esbe - Affectionate (4:01)
18. Esbe - Horns Over The Sea (3:02)

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