Dover - Someday You Will Miss Today

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Dover is a self-described “instrumental hip hop artist from the Norwegian suburbs.” Hailing from the town of Holmestrand, not far from Oslo, Dover was inspired by the old school masters of hip hop production to craft his own beats. This led to his acclaimed debut album Before The A.M. (on his own Lost Heaven label). With listeners hungry for a follow-up, Cold Busted steps up to release Someday You Will Miss Today. The album consists of twelve cool new cuts of melancholy beat construction, serving as a cinematic passageway into Dover’s world.

Highlights on Someday You Will Miss Today are plenty, including the spacious and dreamy opener “Seize the Seconds” and the chunky beats and jazz-piano of “Swing of Things.” There’s also the hypnotic sound-vista of “Memory of Summer,” the filtered synth hijinks of “Afterhours,” and “Years Of Our Lives” with its uplifting melodies and boom-bap beats. There’s a lot to delve into here as Dover makes his mark on the global stage of evocative beat production.

1. Dover - Seize The Seconds (4:49)
2. Dover - Swing Of Things (3:49)
3. Dover - Dusk (3:30)
4. Dover - Dawn (3:59)
5. Dover - Memory Of Summer (4:26)
6. Dover - The Pace (3:41)
7. Dover - Afterhours (4:14)
8. Dover - Exhale (1:30)
9. Dover - Years Of Our Lives (5:14)
10. Dover - Static In Motion (4:14)
11. Dover - See You Later (1:29)
12. Dover - Uncertain (2:00)

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