Boris Blenn - Berlin Future Lounge

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12" Double Black Vinyl (140g)

Full Color Labels
Polyethylene Inner Sleeve
12" Premium 3mm Spined Sleeves 350gsm
12" Square Insert with Sleeve Artwork
Cold Busted Sticker Included Inside Jacket
Serial Number Foil Stamping
Sealed in a Polywrap (Permanent/Tamper Proof) Sleeve

Records are packed between the Sleeve and the Insert, inside the Polywrap, to avoid Seam Splits.

CD contains bonus track 'Beachbar' (Chill Version). Cassette does not contain the tracks 'Organic' & 'Still'

Boris Blenn from Berlin releases a Nu Jazz Downtempo full-length album, ‘Berlin Future Lounge’ on Cold Busted. Starting off with the track ‘Mellow’ the listener is absorbed by the chill instrumental Hip Hop beats and lustrous warm and soothing synths. ‘Grain’ displays more minimal palpitations and clicks while the song ‘Funkazoid’ showcases active beats, wonky synths, funky breaks and an insane drum solo. Following is ‘Jazzaloid’ a feel good House tune with lush diva vocals bee bopping and accentuating the rhythm and brightness with melodic keys adding a nice touch. ‘Sunshine’ is warm and calming with dazzling notes and organ keys and a caressing snappy snare, definitely capturing a pleasurable feeling of sun on your skin. ‘Dream’ is another tranquil song with a happy hi hat, organic sounding Bass and emotive piano keys. Ending on a Jazzy note, ‘Still’ wraps things up with a moody Bass, free loving drums and a smooth male vocalist, all details earnest and charming. A seasoned producer with a colorful background, Boris Blenn delivers with this 14-track album, a fruitful and joyful collection of sounds. Fans of Prefuse73, Pole, Mark Farina and Gotan Project will likely dig this album.

1. Boris Blenn - Mellow (5:32)
2. Boris Blenn - Tip Of Tongue (3:50)
3. Boris Blenn - Grains (4:16)
4. Boris Blenn - Kosmonaut (4:45)
5. Boris Blenn - Funkazoid (4:00)
6. Boris Blenn - Jazzaloid (4:38)
7. Boris Blenn - Beachbar (7:56)
8. Boris Blenn - Concorde (3:30)
9. Boris Blenn - Sunshine (5:33)
10. Boris Blenn - Northern (4:10)
11. Boris Blenn - Metaphysical (3:50)
12. Boris Blenn - Dream (3:52)
13. Boris Blenn - Organic (2:48)
14. Boris Blenn - Still (3:02)
15. Boris Blenn - Beachbar (Chill Version) (7:56)

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