Jenova 7 - Dusted Jazz Vol. 3

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Boston beat-maker Jenova 7 returns to Cold Busted for the crucial cut collection Dusted Jazz Vol. 3. A crate-digging vinyl junkie and film school graduate, inspired by the heyday of ‘90s trip-hop — and artists like DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, and Portishead — Jenova 7 forged his own sound, eventually ending up on DJ Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz 8. After taking a stylistic departure with the funky sci-fi themed album A Cosmic Safari, his collaboration with Russia’s Eddie Shinn, Jenova 7 issues the long-awaited third volume of Dusted Jazz, following the first two volumes on Dusted Wax Kingdom. He is also a member of trip-hop trio Wax Triptych (with Mononome and Mr. Moods).

The cuts transmit a hazy and jazzy flow throughout, featuring chalky mid-tempo breakbeats and funky beamed-in-from-the-70s atmospheres and flavors. You can almost see a sun-drenched, scratchy super-8 film accompanying “5 Pointz Theme,” an immensely cool cut paying homage to a city’s graffiti center. “You Dig?”, which originally appeared on IWYMI Volume Nine, continues the vibe, delivering squelchy vintage synth, chunky piano, and a lovely guitar interlude. And “Static,” featuring the lovely vocals of K8 Marcos, reveals Jenova 7’s range — it’s a delicious, breezy trip-hop tune that wouldn’t be out of place alongside the likes of Zero 7.

Dusted Jazz Vol. 3 is a treasure from top to bottom, and Jenova 7 joins the ranks of his influences with this accomplished and multi-faceted release.

1. Dreaming Again (One Step Beyond)
2. You Dig?
3. 2AM Thoughts
4. 5 Pointz Theme
5. Coffee Stains
6. Lay My Burden Down
7. Bus Fare
8. Lonely Planet
9. Cursed World
10. Starship Neverland 
11. Song For Tiny 
12. Grow Mentally
13. The Chiaroscuro Killer
14. Static Feat. K8 Marcos
15. Music Is...
16. Santa Monica Blues
17. Pacific Winds 
18. Farina's Jazz
19. Crosstown Loop
20. Double Crossed Lovers
21. Alone On The Streetcar
22. Theme For A Goodbye

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