Bugseed & DJ Motora - Timeless

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The Japan / Cold Busted connection tightens with the release of Timeless, a collaborative album from two rising figures from the Land of the Rising Sun. Buzzing in from Chiba, Bugseed has been making a name for himself in hip hop circles with finely constructed beats and clever sample riffs, inspiring a multitude of releases filtering across the globe. The Nagasaki-based DJ Motora is owner of Team Ken Records and 'genreless' DJ since 1997. Together they've concocted Timeless, a densely constructed 12 track album that's filled with gritty hip hop beats and evocative city-dwelling soundscapes.

The album opens dramatically with "Vibrant," spookily laying down lost-on-the-way electric piano and a tense string line before the most crucial of beats kicks in. "Ideal" grabs another flavor with its off-kilter jazz club ambiance and snapping, minimal rhythm. More ragged beats come into play on "Hefty," accompanied by rolling stand-up bass and dreamily tinkling keys. "Cultivation" delves deep into the abstract, stereo effects and crunching percussion push and pull, giving the cut a unique rumbling and tumbling feel.

Those a just some highlights — overall, this album transcends the usual 'beat record' with productions that seem to reminisce with a futuristic flair. In other words, these vibes are Timeless.

1. Bugseed & DJ Motora - Vibrant (3:06)
2. Bugseed & DJ Motora - Pleasure (3:11)
3. Bugseed & DJ Motora - Ideal (3:13)
4. Bugseed & DJ Motora - Era (3:07)
5. Bugseed & DJ Motora - Off The wall (3:45)
6. Bugseed & DJ Motora - Hefty (3:38)
7. Bugseed & DJ Motora - Zoned (3:16)
8. Bugseed & DJ Motora - Bricks (2:44)
9. Bugseed & DJ Motora - Cultivation (2:47)
10. Bugseed & DJ Motora - Future (3:38)
11. Bugseed & DJ Motora - Blunted (4:22)
12. Bugseed & DJ Motora - Hoodlum (2:47)