VINYL: Boogie Belgique – Blueberry Hill

First time on Vinyl, First time on Cold Busted. Boogie Belgique – Blueberry Hill. Get it right here:

Boogie Belgique – Blueberry Hill

Level 1-3

12 Inch Vinyl
Full color jackets
Full color labels
Pressed on black vinyl
Download card
3 Inch Round Sticker
11 x 17 Inch Poster (Folded)
Handwritten numbered on back
Limited Edition of only 100 copies
$25.00 – $32.00 Each
Price will increase when funded
Includes Shipping Worldwide

Level 4

12 Inch Vinyl
White paper sleeve
White labels
Pressed on black vinyl
Download Card is NOT Included
Handwritten numbered on label
Limited Edition of only 5 copies
$75.00 Each
Includes Shipping Worldwide
Test Pressings are shipped out first before official release date

12 tracks remastered for vinyl
Download card includes new remasters
Mastered by [email protected]
Design by Oswald Cromheecke
Executive Producer, Derrick Daisey

Level 1-3 are based on your shipping location
Level 4 is extremely limited with only 4 copies available. We need to keep 1 copy to approve the pressing

Funding ends on 2015.09.13
Estimated shipping date is 2015.12.11
Shipping is included


1. Boogie Belgique – Dance With The Demorat (3:30)
2. Boogie Belgique – Stairway To The USSR (2:46)
3. Boogie Belgique – Once Have I (3:56)
4. Boogie Belgique – Oh Lord (4:20)
5. Boogie Belgique – The Little White Duck (5:19)
6. Boogie Belgique – Black Train (5:10)
7. Boogie Belgique – Drop Out (3:30)
8. Boogie Belgique – The Getaway (4:44)
9. Boogie Belgique – Moriarty (4:41)
10. Boogie Belgique – The Ogres (2:59)
11. Boogie Belgique – Boogieman Penthouse (6:11)
12. Boogie Belgique – Blueberry Hill (3:17)

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