1. trog'low - The Lonely Alien - Cold Busted
  2. trog'low - The Lonely Alien - Flexi-disc Postcard Vinyl Cold Busted
  3. trog'low - The Lonely Alien - Cold Busted

trog'low - The Lonely Alien

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From the CLDBSTD digital series, here is the fourth Flexi-disc Postcard which is Strictly Limited to 20 Hand Numbered Copies and will never be repressed again on this vinyl format.

Collect them all!

Toronto's expert beat-crafter trog'low dives into the sonic realm of abandoned spaces and midnight wanderings with his new single for Cold Busted. "The Lonely Alien" is pure vibe, crackling with metronomic drum hits and phasing melodies. The pulsating layers of sound wrap around the ears, offering both comfort and distance to the alien inside us all. Dig in and dig deep.

Important: All Flexi-disc orders ship separately from the US and cannot be combined with any other purchase. If you are ordering multiple releases, shipping maybe cheaper when placing separate orders.

A5 size postcards (148 x 210mm | 5.8 x 8.3 inch) 
Hand Numbered
Mailed in a sealed rigid paperboard mailer
Includes a 6 x 2 inch Cold Busted Sticker

These releases tend to sound a bit more lo-fi than normal records. 

Some turntables with auto-return features may try and return the arm before the audio is finished playing.