Fiendsh - Hayashi Reborn

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Fiendsh returns to Cold Busted with Hayashi Reborn, the Bangkok-based producer’s long-awaited follow-up to 2016’s To The End. The title refers to the Hayashi, a group of instrumentalists in Japanese Noh theater. Noh often revolves around themes of life, so with this album the Fiendsh alter-ego takes on the role of the Hayashi of the young beat-producer’s life. The album’s sounds are introspective and rich, combining deep rhythms and warm melodies. Sometimes a hint of Fiendsh’s Thai culture drops in, but mostly the influences are straight from the well of hip-hop, soul, and jazz classics.

Hayashi Reborn opens confidently with “Astronaut,” jazz sound blasts giving way to compressed beats and evocative strings. Midway the song transforms to a dream state as things start to flow in reverse. Other highlights include the subdued trip-hop of “Eye Pt. 1,” the shimmering piano boom-bap of “Jun Satori (feat. Puddie),” and “No Limitations” with its pulsing feel and ambient audience sounds. “Champagne Promises” and “Lucid S Dreamin” display a mellower side to Fiendsh, making Hayashi Reborn a well-rounded listen. This album’s a choice set for audio explorers everywhere.

1. Fiendsh - Astronaut (3:54)
2. Fiendsh - Fall 7 Times, Get Up 8 (3:25)
3. Fiendsh - Eye (Part 1) (3:49)
4. Fiendsh & Puddie- Jun Satori (2:16)
5. FiendshNo Limitations (4:05)
6. Fiendsh - Champagne Promises (4:06)
7. Fiendsh & Genta - Why I Care (3:43)
8. Fiendsh - Lucid S Dreamin (5:11)
9. Fiendsh - #25 (1:47)
10. Fiendsh - Life (Album Version) (4:32)
11. Fiendsh - Ashes (2:14)
12. Fiendsh - Pain (2:37)

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