Emapea - Smuggling Town

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Cold Busted and Polish beat-master Emapea come together to deliver a deft slab of seven-inch wax. Four tracks that slip and slide through a sonic village of tough rhythms and captured samples — that's Smuggling Town. Emapea goes 'meta' on the first track as "7 Inch" is a crafty ode to the beloved vinyl format over a boom-bap soundtrack. "True Fam" follows on a jazzier tip, as pianos, horns, and a drum loop march take on a laid-back vibe. Flip the wax for the title cut which feels suitably like a city street at night, covert hijinks in progress. The record closes with "Takeover," carefully raising the beat intensity as keys, flute hits, and an ominous atmosphere raid the stereo field.

1. Emapea - 7 Inch (2:08)
2. Emapea - True Fam (2:06)
3. Emapea - Smuggling Town (2:17)
4. Emapea - Takeover (2:10)