Eagle - Records From The Basement Session 1

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Eagle is a producer and renowned scratch DJ, originally from Ukraine and now based in Hong Kong. A formidable turntablist, he’s a champion of many scratch competitions, including RedBull3style, FMDJ, and Yalta Summer Jam. For the past six years, Eagle has scoured second-hand shops in China and Dubai for rare records to source his beats. With this vintage wax, his MPC, and other assorted gear in tow, Eagle has assembled Records from the Basement Session 1 — the first in a two part series for Cold Busted. The album features 15 boom bap, lo-fi, and jazz hop cuts that’ll send your soul soaring.

“Moonlight” opens the session with swirling strings and dreamy harps over the beat’s steady strut. Funkier but still lush, “A Song on the Wind” lets the listener know this album’s not without serious grooves. Other highlights include the late night piano of “September 6,” the low-down space funk of “Easy Breathing,” the dusty boom-bap of “Round Midnight,” and “Light Of Love,” which closes the album with cut-up orchestrations and pensive vibes.

1. Eagle - Moonlight (2:39)
2. Eagle - A Song On The Wind (2:48)
3. Eagle - We Are The One (2:04)
4. Eagle - Easy Breathing (2:41)
5. Eagle - Song For Her (2:09)
6. Eagle - September 6 (4:19)
7. Eagle - Have You Ever Seen The Rain (2:20)
8. Eagle - Unexpected Days (2:10)
9. Eagle - Velvet (3:24)
10. Eagle - Round Midnight (2:50)
11. Eagle - Inner Glow (1:58)
12. Eagle - Time (1:58)
13. Eagle - Boomerang (2:12)
14. Eagle - Untitled Love Song (2:49)
15. Eagle - Light Of Love (3:08)

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